Døgnflyt & Logistik offers excellent prices on storage, we offer safe storage solutions. Contact us today.

Prices pr. Month

Size of the storage room

Equivalent to - Sqm ( squaremeters) 

Resignation 15 Days

Dry and Locked


Mini Room

399 kr

3 Sqm

House/ Apartment - 20 Sqm

Small Room

749 kr

6 Sqm

House / Apartment - 50 Sqm

Medium Room

999 kr

8 Sqm

House / Apartment - 70 Sqm

Big Room

1299 kr

10 Sqm

House / Apartment 100 Sqm

Safe and secure storage

We offer storage for any purpose, contact us today and get to know more – 0045 91 94 34 34


Temporary storage

We offer temporary storage, are your dates for your removal not adding up – dont worry we can help you. Together with your moving you can combine a storage period – simple and easy. Contact us today and get to know more – 0045 91 94 34 34

Renovation Storage

Is it time to start the big renovation of your home, look no further we offer storage for every occasion. We can help you with easy storage, you can also combine your removal with a storage period.

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