Private Removal

A private removal where you can relax and let the professionals help you, we assist you to make a nice and easy removal.

Nice and easy removals with Døgnflyt & Logistik. Call us today +45 91 94 34 34.


Economy Removals

This type of removal is also called – man with a van.

With this removal it is the most cost efficient, but also where you as our customer will have to take matters into your own hands.

We provide a man with a van, you prepare everything in advance with your friends or helpers. Our man will do the driving and help pack our moving truck.

Standard Removals

This is the most common removal type, you prepare all your belongings for the big day of the removal. On the agreed date we arrive with two men or more movers to help assist you with the removal.

Our men are helpful with all the carrying tasks, such as bringing the furniture and boxes out and into the new place. We always bring movers blankets in our trucks for the safety of your belonings.

Complete Removals

This removal is the all around choice.

With a complete removal you let us provide you with the full service we can provide. This can be packing your belonings into boxes, prepare everything to be ready for the removal, this can be disasembeling furniture, take down curtains, and everything that is in the preperation process.

Then on the moving date we arrive and bring all your belongings out of your old home, pack our truck, drive to the destination where we unload. In this step we place all your belongings inside the new house based on your choice.


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