Removal insurance

Is it important for you to know that you are in safe hands when moving? Døgnflyt & Logistik is fully insured, moving with us, we guarantee that you are in good hands, and nothing is left to the unknown.

Removal insurance is the most important aspect of a removal. It might be tempting to move with a company with no moving insurance, but we highly recommend you to go the professional way.

Get ready for your moving with our packing tips

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Boxes for you moving?

Do you need durable moving cartons / boxes for packing. We have you covered. We deliver them to your door, and pick them up once you are done with your moving. If you prefer to let us pack we are happy to help. 

  • Durable moving boxes
  • Stapled for extra durability 
  • 7 mm thick, the best on the market
flyttekasse døgnflyt

Moving with Døgnflyt & Logistik we have you covered all the way. We can provide you with moving cartons/ boxes, packing materials, all that you need for a safe removal. Also our insurance coverage has you covered if an unexpected accident happens. We have our Insurance coverage through Gjensidige Forsikring(Danmark).

Let us help you with:

  • Private moving
  • Company moving
  • Moving boxes rental
  • Handyman to set up furniture/ lamps etc.
  • Heavy lifts
  • Moving fragile items

Everything Insured, floor, walls, moving goods.

Moving insurance, everything we move

Quick responce time with any claims

Best coverage when moving

Here is your coverage when Moving with Døgnflyt & Logistik.

This is the general coverage you get moving with us:

  • Coverage pr coli/ carton / item up to 50.000 DKK
  • Coverage pr load, up to 2 mil. DKK
  • Damages on furniture is covered 

In case your belongings exceed the values that our general coverage covers, you can add an extra insurance to your moving at a fee. The fee generally is in proportion to the value of the moving.

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