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Døgnflyt & Logistik is the removal company that you can trust to solve any job. Our services are nationwide and international and our prices are among the most competitive in the removal and transport business.

Our mission is to carry out the best quality moving. Among our specialties are packing service, moving across the country, or in the same city. As a moving company we offer services in different price-categories so moving with us can be within everyones budget. Because of this we are sure that we will find a great solution thats just right for you. We are very aware of being an environmentally friendly company that is focused on bringing down the emission gasses and pollution. 

When moving with us we have you fully insured

Read more about our coverage and how we have you insured when moving with us.

Removal company aiming to be sustainable  

Among our additions to be as sustainable as possible 80% of our fleet of vehicles are EURO 6 engine options.

Being a moving company that wants to be a forerunner on the market we exclusively purchase FSC approved materiales. When you move with us and we provide you materials such as, packing paper, moving boxes, they are exclusively purchased from FSC approved retailers. 

Døgnflyt & Logistik is a member of DMF (Dansk Møbeltransport Forening). 

There are many great reasons to chose us as your preferred moving company, our membership of DMF is that quality seal that insures you a good moving experience. There are many formal requirements to become a member of the association, and far from every moving company can be a member. 

We are proud to be a member of:


Employee welfare and happiness

We take an honor in doing our job, being a mover can be very hard work. For this exact reason we have a union membership that takes up the fight on wage dumping. Our moving company is a proud member of DTL worker union. (Transportoverenskomsten mellem DTL’s arbejdsgiverforening and 3F Transportgruppen ensures the employees of Døgnflyt & Logistik to get the right wage and proper work and terms. And we proudly offer our services knowing that we support the Danish labor market.

We are proud to be a member of:


José Maria Pérez Gómez

Top service quality. Kamil, Jarek and Martin were extremely careful and profesional . If I move again , no doubt I will contract this service . 10/10👌🏼

Lars K. B

Professional, efficient, careful, friendly, cheap.
We have now used them twice. The first time was three years ago and the last was in early February and both times we were fully satisfied.
And tomorrow they will rescue us from a predicament with a day’s notice.

-Translated to English

Lisette J. 

Never before have we experienced such a good service. Efficient, sweet, friendly, careful and took good care of our things. Can only recommend them.
We moved from Køge to Valby

-Translated to English


Packing Service

We Døgnflyt & Logistik often help our customers with the essential packing of their household belongings. There is a wide range of necessary things that need to be done when you are moving, from packing your things safely in boxes, to disassembling furniture, or things that are mounted. With our professional team, we can help you with these tasks. Our professional movers have much experience and can help you with your moving. We provide great value at low cost, and most importantly we have full insurance.

Removals in Denmark

Døgnflyt & Logistik is at your convenience as a nationwide service provider. Our main office is located in Copenhagen but we can help you shift into your new apartment anywhere in Denmark. Every aspect of the moving we can help you with, from basic moving from A to B, to the more advanced services such as packing into boxes/cartons, or help you with a storage option. Any moving in Denmark we are glad to say that we are available to help you.

Storage Service

Are you looking for movers that can provide you with a storage service? We are there to help, our own facility can help you if you are looking for a place to store your belongings safely. We always keep up to date with our insurances, and only use top safety rated facilities. Do you need a professional moving company that can store your things, we will be happy to help. Give us a call at 91 94 34 34, and we will assist you with any storage or moving related inquires.

International Removals

Are you looking to move, and not just within the borders of Denmark, then we can firmly say that we can help you. Our movers have many years of experience, Døgnflyt & Logistik has a great logistics network that can provide you with a hassle free moving experience. We follow the rules and regulations as a professional moving company, which guarantees you a great move. For international movings planning is key for a well carried out job. Our personel has many years of experience when it comes to transporting household belongings across borders, generally transporting private belongings comes with great responsibility and calls for the professionals to handle the moving. Get in touch with our service team and hear more about how we can help you move to Denmark, or from Denmark to abroad. We are ready for your call (+45) 91 94 34 34

Quality Assurance

Through many years Døgnflyt & Logistik have handled removals and transport nationwide and internationally. Our main focus is to make the removal as pleasant as possible, it is a great priority for us to understand our customers needs. We have the experience and staff to give you the great results you wish for. We are constantly improving so all our customers can experience the delightful service we provide.

Private Relocation

Read more about Private Relocation

Company Relocation

Is your company relocation? See how we can help with you relocation

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